Rips Elevators Group

Rips Elevators Group has been among the leaders of the Israeli vertical transportation industry for over 35 years.

The group delivers elevator and escalator inspection services, conducts in-depth elevator surveys, and provides expert opinions, as well as planning and consulting services.

Rips Group includes Eyal Rips Ltd., which is engaged in the field of safety inspection and consulting regarding elevators, escalators and lifting facilities. The company is headed by CEO Moshe Rips –  mechanical engineer and elevator inspector with over 35 years of experience, who also lectures and conducts certification courses center for elevator inspectors and technicians.

Another company within the group is Rips Engineering Ltd., which provides support and consulting to house representative committees and maintenance companies, delivers planning services and conducts comprehensive elevator surveys. It is headed by the group’s VP Engineering Yuval Valiano Rips – certified physicist, elevator engineer and elevator consultant, who also supports development groups and has an extensive experience in the field.

Our Services

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Safety Inspection

Rips Elevators Group performs safety inspection of thousands of elevators, escalators and wheelchair lift.

We are the only company in Israel that makes it possible for its customers to see the test results almost immediately by scanning the safety inspection QR code.

The group operates a sophisticated site, on which the customer can read the reviews of its elevators, and see information on the bills received and payments made, including a detailed history.

In addition, the site allows our customers to make payments, update their details and contact us.

In-Depth Surveys

Neglecting elevator components in the initial period of its use or at any other time leads to many problems down the road.

Like any vehicle – elevators have many parts and components that the passengers cannot see, and it is necessary to verify their proper direction, cleanliness and usability.

Any component that does not meet these requirements may cause the elevator to get stuck in the best case, while in the worst case it may cause long-term damage and pose a safety hazard.

As in the case of any autonomous vehicle, comprehensive elevator inspections must be performed by dedicated professionals well-acquainted with specific models, in order to identify if the elevator and all its components meet the requirements.

To avoid risks and malfunctions, it is mandatory to carry out an in-depth survey of all the elevator assemblies via a qualified testing engineer, who possesses the know-how in terms of checking particular models and using advanced technologies to perform the survey.

Following the inspection, our engineers produce a summary report that includes images and videos of all the defects, accompanied by detailed explanations of malfunctions that have to be fixed. Such reports allow to address well-informed demands to eliminate the malfunctions to relevant entities, and may even serve the customers in court.

This service is suitable for house representative committees, maintenance and management companies, apartment buyers, tenant representation entities, contractors, developers and group purchasing organizations.


Professional consulting and opinion on elevator engineering and planning

Delivering a new elevator to tenants is a sensitive event that usually takes place when the first families move into the building, without a duly supervised process. Various malfunctions can occur during the elevator pit construction and installation, and during the initial period of use.

Rips Elevators Group performs in-depth surveys of all elevator assemblies and provides a detailed defect report, which can be used both as a legal document and as instructions for repair. In-depth surveys can be performed during the new building’s period of warranty and in any period that follows.

Apart from comprehensive surveys, our company provides elevator design services and consults developers throughout all stages of the construction – from initial planning in conjunction with architects to the actual delivery of the elevators.

Do you have any questions or need an advice? Are you looking for a safety inspector? Leave your details and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Do you want to book a safety inspector, an in-depth survey or any other consultation? Leave your details, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Do you want to book a safety inspector, an in-depth survey or any other consultation?

Leave your details, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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